About us

Ever since I was a young kid, I used to love watching my Nonna (grandmother) make pasta and risotto. I was eating anchovies and olives and drinking my Nonna’s espresso well before I was even ten years of age. Others especially my Mum, helped to develop my love of all foods, with her willingness to try anything once.

Food is not only a hobby for us, but a passion and now a business. We have eaten quality Italian throughout Melbourne including “Masani’s” in Carlton and my favourite place to explore, Lygon Street Cartlon, where they even have spruikers to bring you in to their ristorantes. “No Names” in Sydney was a favourite as well.

We’ve eaten in one of Stefano De Pieri’s restaurants in Mildura. After a couple of plates of antipasto, I had a twice cooked duck. I don’t only cook great food, I enjoy eating it.
Ever since I was sixteen I’ve wanted to run a cafe and restaurant. After working in Retail for 15 years, I’ve decided to start my dream with my partner Jasmine. We are starting out with a small shop just like my Nonno Tom (grandfather) did approximately 68 years ago.
Our food will be fresh, full of local ingredients, including Vecchiet’s Smallgoods, Locally baked bread and locally grown vegetables. Our Caffe (coffee) is Portioli, a delicious blend from Milan, made with a Milanese coffee machine.

The food is tasty and wholesome but not so rich, so that it can’t be enjoyed everyday. It is most of the food I have grown up eating everyday and is very traditional with a few of our twists.

My partner Jasmine spent some time living in France and Europe. Her passion for food is as great as mine. She is a coeliac, so if you have a gluten intolerance you’ll find something for you in every area of our menu, even gluten free pasta.

Our desire is to provide you with an authentic Trattoria (informal dining area) experience so please feel free to look at the memorabilia on the walls. My Italiano is very poor so you’re gonna have to cope with English.

We are also able to provide a fine dining experience at night upon request. Dishes range from Saltimbocca alla Romano through to Risotto al Fungi and a plethora of Italian Dishes. If it is not on our menu, doesn’t mean we can’t make it, just ask.

Simon “Spaghetti” Pagotto